Services in Belgium

We can assist you with the following matters in Belgium:

  • visa appeals
  • applications for permanent residence (E+ card / F+ card) and residence (E card / F card) in Belgium
  • applications for Belgian citizenship
  • inheritance of assets and property located in Belgium
  • unfreezing of dormant deposits held with Belgian banks
  • recognition of professional and academic qualifications in Belgium
  • registering as a self-employed person in Belgium
  • complying with Belgian tax and social security rules
  • assistance and representation in civil court proceedings
  • child maintenance orders
  • paternity suits
  • affidavits of law and legal opinions on Belgian law for use outside Belgium
  • certified copies of documents for use in the UK
  • translation of documents from English or Italian into French or Dutch

If you need assistance in any of these matters, please feel free to contact us.

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